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Data is only as helpful as it is organized. Simply amassing data on attendance, giving, or volunteers only adds complexity to your ministry if you can't view that information in an ordered, easily-digestible way.

Ministry Tracker puts you in control of your data. You can quickly generate a huge variety of reports so you can understand your data.

Standard Reports

To view or create reports, expand the "Reports" menu in the lefthand panel.

To help you get started viewing your data, we have included several popular reports with your account. Quickly see the last point of contact you've had with each person in your church or get a snapshot view of attendance trends by month or week.


In the reports panel you can also quickly create a people, group, or family directory. Include photos, family roles, addresses, phone numbers, and more. You can even create directories based on an individual’s role or membership status.

Once you’re ready, choose your directory style and click "Create Directory" to download a PDF directory for printing and distribution.

Labels and ID Tags

You can print addressed envelopes or ID Tags using the same method. Print address labels to a standard printer, directly to a Dymo Labelwriter, or right onto an envelope. And don’t worry about duplicates. Ministry Tracker will combine individuals at the same address so that duplicates are not created.

Advanced Search

Finally, advanced search lets you find very specific groups of people, like all the women older than 17, who have an email address, and have attended church in the past 6 months.

Once you run the search, you can communicate an upcoming ladies' event by email or print out labels for a printed mailer.


Reports give you control over the data in your Ministry Tracker account. With a few clicks, you can order your information to best suit your needs.

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