Set up Groups


Ministry Tracker is all about bringing people together. And groups within Ministry Tracker allow you to customize these connections to fit your needs.

You can create regular or smart groups with just a few clicks.

Regular Groups

Regular groups are manually set up and maintained. Each person must be added or removed by hand.

This is perfect for small groups, Bible studies, worship teams, volunteer groups, or any other group or team where membership is based on voluntary involvement.

Let’s create a group for our weekly ultimate frisbee games at the local park. We can invite people or simply make the group public. Public groups are visible in the member portal so those who are interested can join. Now you can quickly send out text reminders or announcements about the weekly frisbee games to those who want to be notified. No more juggling email lists or cell numbers.

Smart Groups

Unlike regular groups, Smart Groups are created from specific search criteria, like a grade level, geographical location, volunteer commitment or family role. You can even combine multiple search criteria.

Once you have created a Smart Group, individuals will be added to and removed from the group automatically based on the original search criteria used to create the group.

These groups are perfect for changing groups of people, like youth groups. As seniors graduate and new members join, the group will automatically adjust so you're always communicating with the right people.


With Ministry Tracker, you can quickly bring groups of people together so organization and communication is simple and accurate.


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