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In this video, we’ll explore how to give to your church with Ministry Tracker.

Member Portal Basics

To set up online giving, first log into your member portal.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll find “New Gift” under the “giving” menu.


Ministry Tracker gives you control over every detail of your gift.

You can even divide it between several different ministries at your church.

Just add an amount, expand the designation dropdown, and select the appropriate designation. You can give to any category your church has set up for giving—including pledge drives.

If you’d like to add additional designations, just repeat the process.

Adding a note can provide additional context for your gift as well.


Once you’re happy with your gift details, connect a card or a bank account. You’ll only have to do this the first time you give a gift to your church.


Finally, set your gift frequency. You can give immediately, schedule your offering, or even set up a recurring gift.

I’ll set this gift to recur once a month, to begin immediately, and to last through this calendar year.

That’s it! Your gift will arrive each month on time without any more work on your part.


It’s time to make giving simple and automatic with Ministry Tracker.

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