Year-End Tax Receipts


Year end giving reports often require a time-intensive, complicated system: mail-merge, print, fold, stamp, send. If one step goes wrong, the whole system goes down.

Ministry Tracker makes sending year-end reports both simple and accurate.


To send reports, simply expand “Financial” in the administrator panel of Ministry Tracker. You’ll find the tax report under Reports.


With a few selections, we can quickly send out year-end reports to anyone who gave to the church this past year.

Let’s select this past year in the dropdown menu and make sure “Include gift detail” is selected. This produces an itemized list of contributions for each individual.

Because we’re generating reports for every contributor this year, we won’t select any particular family or person.

Sending Email/Printing

Finally, let’s select “Send via Email.” (Fill in email contact and message information) Ministry Tracker intelligently locates the head of each household and generates a personalized electronic tax receipt to send via email.

Once we’re happy with our email message, we’ll click “Get Tax Receipts.”

The emails will be sent to every person or family that has an email on file. If a family doesn’t have an email address associated with their account, Ministry Tracker will generate a ready-to-print report formatted for a windowed #10 envelope. You can print these by clicking the Print button that appears. A helpful hint, you can turn off the URL and date from printing on these pages by turning off headers and footers in your browser’s print preferences.


With Ministry Tracker you can generate and distribute accurate, professional tax receipts for your church in seconds!



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