Online Giving and Financial Reports


Take the stress and confusion out of your ministry finances. Ministry Tracker collects your online payments, organizes gifts with multiple designations, and generates individualized year-end reports for your givers’ tax receipts.

Paying Online

With fewer people carrying cash and checks on their person, churches without an online giving option might find themselves missing opportunities for people to support the ministry.

Ministry Tracker’s  secure member portal allows members to give using a credit/debit card or bank account. They can even set up a recurring payment or divide their gift over several different designations.

The transaction is recorded directly into your giving records for that person or family.


Ministry Tracker also allows you to set up pledge drives. Here’s one we’ve set up for an additional Sunday School classroom space.

When giving from the member portal, individuals can select the pledge and make a one-time or regular contribution.

Recording Gifts

Some people prefer to give tangibly at church.

To record these gifts, add a new gift from your administrative portal. Input the giver's name, mark any appropriate designations, the payment type, and whether or not the gift is tax-deductible.

You can also record pledges the same way. Just expand “Pledges” and then click “New Pledge.” Once again, input the giver’s name, select the specific pledge drive, and include the details of their pledge.

Tax Donation Receipts

At the end of the year you can quickly prepare and distribute receipts for tax-exempt gifts. No more complex gift management systems. Simply generate a tax report for that year.

Ministry Tracker can create paper reports formatted to a windowed #10 envelope or PDF reports for distribution via email. Clicking "Get Tax Receipts" will send an email to the head of each giving household. A printable report will be created for anyone without an email address.

Running Reports

You may also want to communicate with donors throughout the year rather than simply at year’s end.

To view a giving report, select “Reports,” expand “Summaries,” and then click “Giver Summary.” Select your criteria and generate a report.

You can easily sort gift amounts by clicking a header row. Include a filter for more granular results. You can communicate with those individuals who match your search by selecting the communicate tab button just above the table. Let’s send them an email thanking them for their gifts and communicating how their gifts have empowered ministry here at Example Church.


Ministry Tracker simplifies financial management. Seamlessly accept online payments, generate reports, and communicate to givers with Ministry Tracker's comprehensive financial management tools!

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