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Ministry Tracker is all about helping you care for people. And all of its powerful features—organizing volunteers, accepting online payments, conducting registration and attendance, and much more—start with adding individuals to your account.

Other Data Entry Options

If you already have a your member information in an Excel file or different database, Ministry Tracker can conduct an import to help quickly transfer your current information to your account.

You can also ask individuals to provide their information. We give you a unique QR code and link to your member portal for this purpose. From here, individuals can log in to edit their information, register for events, volunteer, or give online.

Manual Adding People

Ministry staff with access can add new individuals right from the opening dashboard or from the "People" menu in the left panel.

Let’s say your first interaction with Kylee and her mom, Cherise, happens on the first night of VBS this summer. While many attendees registered ahead of time, Kylee and her mom walked in Monday night and registered right from the Kiosk mode of Ministry Tracker.

Creating a Family

Ministry Tracker allows you to connect individuals records to a family so contacting parents is quick and easy. Let’s start with a record the family.

It’s helpful to name all your families the same way so filtering provides consistent results. We’ll call this the “Shaw, Cherise” family. Labeling the family record like this will enable us to filter families by last name and distinguish this Shaw family from any others in our system. The display name is what shows up in directories, on labels, envelopes, and tax statements. We’ll deselect “In Directory” since they aren’t members.

Let’s also provide some emergency contact information for the family in case we can’t get ahold of Cherise.

Adding Kylee and Cherise to the same family not only helps you remember their relationship to one another. It also populates the family contact information to both Kylee’s and Cherise’s individual records—meaning, you will only need to enter this once. Furthermore, if any of this information changes, you can update the family record and both of their records will reflect the new information.

Creating Parent Record

Next, let’s create Cherise’s record. We’ll enter in any basic, relevant information. In the family field, we’ll search for “Shaw, Cherise.” We’ll mark Cherise’s role as “Mother” and then make her the primary contact for the family.

You can still include information specific to each individual within a family—like a personal cell phone number, email, or social media account handle—so we’ll include Cherise’s cell number here.

Let’s mark Cherise as a visitor and make a note about our first contact with her.

Finally, in the User Account tile, we’ll click on Permissions and mark Cherise as a parent. We’ll save her record and add one for Kylee.

Creating Student Record

We’ll add the same information for Kylee as we did for her mom, being sure to connect her to the family record so all the contact information we set up is added to her record. We’ll mark her has a student in the permissions portal.

We’ll want to add information in one more tile for Kylee. The Medical and Safety tile will allow us to mark Kylee’s food allergies and dietary needs. We’ll also include information about her insurance provider.

Uploading Document

Finally, we’ll want to have Cherise fill out a medical release form for Kylee. We can upload a scan of the document right to Kylee’s record!

Signing into the Event

Now that our database is up-to-date, signing Kylee in is quick and easy. Tonight—and each night she returns to VBS—we’ll just search for her name or the family’s name and sign her into the event. We can even print a label for secure pick-up so we make sure Kylee gets back to Cherise safely.


In just a few minutes you can easily manually register individuals. It’s that easy! That’s the power, speed, and flexibility of your Ministry Tracker database.

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