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Organizing any event requires the complexity of juggling reservations, equipment, volunteers, and staff. It's all too easy to feel like you're choosing between staying organized and focusing on people.

Ministry Tracker helps you best utilize all available resources so your time can be spent serving people and not just on organizational details.

Adding New Resources

When you're first setting up your account, input all available resources like rooms, vehicles, and equipment. To keep your resources further organized, you can divide your resources by category, like Audio-Visual equipment.

You can add a variety of granular details to each resource. When you're done, save the resource to make it available throughout your account.

Reserving Resources

As an administrator, you can easily reserve all necessary resources and people from within an event.

Here's a weekly community financial seminar we hold at our church. Ministry Tracker allows us to reserve resources and people.

To reserve an item, drag and drop it to the grayed pane on the right. I'll reserve the room and equipment we'll need. We also provide rides to those in the community who don't have transportation, so let’s reserve one of the church vans.

Finally, I'll place this event on the staff's calendar [drag two staff members over]. Aside from these two staff members, we also have several church members who have volunteered to help with the seminar. Let’s drag and drop their names to the event as well.


Alternatively, volunteers and staff members can browse available events in the member’s portal and quickly mark their interest in volunteering or signal their availability with a few clicks.

Resource Calendar

The resource calendar gives you an overview of all resources in use and allows you to communicate with those volunteering at your event.


By scheduling all necessary resources and people for your event, you can ensure everything and everyone you need will be available.

With the power of Ministry Tracker, event planning and resource management is easy.

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