Child Check-In


Safety is always a priority when ministering to children. And the gateway for a secure environment is your ministry's child check-in/check-out system.

For a child check-in/check-out system to be effective, it must be quick, information-rich, and secure.


Ministry Tracker's powerful search makes the check-in process move along quickly.

Each Sunday when parents drop their children off, the sign-in kiosk automatically prints a label and a security tag. No more long lines or hand-typed labels. Simply search for the child's name and check them in. A parent can even check in multiple children at the same time.


While Ministry Tracker's check-in kiosks are quick, they're also incredibly customizable and information-rich.

When you initially configure a child’s sign-in kiosk to print labels, you can pull in any information to display on the printed tag. For instance, nursery check-in stations can include call back numbers for parents or medical alerts like allergies.

You can even print answers to a specific prompt on the child's name tag. [type, "Does the child have a diaper bag?"] When the child checks in, the prompt will appear and the answer will display on the printed labels.

If you're using a Dymo printer, you can even create your own custom branded templates or printer wirelessly from several devices using our custom Netprint solution.


While it's important to have a quick, information-rich check-in system, security is the most important feature of any check-in system.

With Ministry Tracker, we accomplish a high level of security with security tags. Checking "Add security tag" adds a unique security number to each name tag. Just remember to select "Security Number" to print on the name tag as well. When parents return to pick up their children, presenting this unique security tag will ensure the right children are returned to the right parents.

If you want all children within a family to share the same security number, check "Shared Security Numbers." This will to make the check-out process quicker. Once you are happy with your configuration, make sure to save it.

Using It

You can now use this custom configuration for any event. There's no more set-up involved. Simply navigate to your event and begin the sign-in process using the appropriate configuration.


Ministry Tracker's built-in check-in/check-out system is powerful and effective because it's quick, information-rich, and secure. Set your sign-in configuration once and use it again and again.

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