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To minister to those who attend your church, you need to know when they attend and when they're absent.

If regular attenders miss a service or church-wide event, you want to be able to contact them and express how much you missed them. When visitors come to your service for the first time, you’ll want to make sure they feel welcome.

Ministry Tracker helps you seamlessly keep track of attendance so record keeping and communication is easy.

Ways to Record Attendance

Attendance can be taken at any event one of three ways:

Text Attendance

First, you can take attendance by text message. Let's take this Sunday School teacher meeting as our example. We want to take attendance so we can send an audio recording to those who missed the meeting.

We'll click "Allow TXT Attendance" which allows attendees to record their attendance with a text. Ministry Tracker automatically provides a numeric code, but let's set a unique keyword instead. We'll display this code at the beginning of the event.

As long as attendees' cell phones are in Ministry Tracker, the event will log their attendance with a simple text.

Manual Attendance

Secondly, you can manually take attendance on a single device.

For instance, instead of having Sunday School teachers record their attendance via text, set up a manned check-in station with an iPad or other device at the entrance to the room or take attendance from the back of the room.

After navigating to the event, select manual attendance. As people arrive, search for their names and check them in.

Be sure to click “Save Attendance” when you finish.

Multiple Check-in Kiosks

Lastly, you can set up multiple check-in kiosks [Configure the event’s sign-in settings]. Attendees can sign in as they arrive by searching for their names and signing in.

Adding New Accounts

All three options allow the addition of New Accounts if an attendee is not currently in Ministry Tracker.

Running Reports

No matter which method you use, you can quickly see who has attended an event or service and communicate with them via text, email, or phone call.


Because your Ministry Tracker account has no check-in limits, you never have to worry about growing beyond your capabilities.

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