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Every part of ministry requires communication: small groups, Sunday school teachers, leadership teams, you name it. Ministry Tracker not only helps you communicate easily with large groups of people, it also enables you to track and organize that communication.

Emailing Parents of Teens

Communication is important in every aspect of ministry, but particularly when it involves minors. Let’s take the case of youth retreat to see how Ministry Tracker can help you manage your communication with both teens and parents.

With Ministry Tracker, you can you create, manage, and schedule emails so parents are always informed.

Let's begin by locating the appropriate contact list. Because Ministry Tracker can create Smart Groups, it's easy to make sure your contact lists always stay up-to-date. You can navigate to the group or simply start a new email and locate the group in the recipients field.

We’ll email the primary contact for each record so these emails only go out to youth group parents.

Each Friday morning, Pastor Dave likes to send all the parents and update about the youth group. We've created an email template so we remember to include all relevant information each week.

Let's schedule this email so it will automatically send out Friday morning. Once your email is sent, you can view sent and open rates for your message.

Texting students

Pastor Dave also uses Ministry Tracker to send his teenagers reminders about upcoming services and events.

This time, we'll start communication from the text drop-down menu. With just a few keystrokes, you can send this reminder to all those in the youth group. As with emails, you can view sent message status for any message you send, so you'll be sure the youth group members have received your message.

Call both parents and students

Finally, Dave can call individuals. With the deadline for the annual Fall Teen Retreat approaching, we’ll want to send out a reminder both to the teens and their parents.

We can call each associated phone number and leave a brief message reminding them that this Sunday is the last Sunday to sign up.

Let’s use the “Youth Group” smart group and contact both people and primary contact. This will leave a message with each youth group member and his or her parent.

After you select the proper caller ID, simply upload an existing audio message or call in and record one. Messages can be up to 45 seconds in length. You can even schedule these calls if you're preparing communication ahead of time.


Communicating with people couldn't be easier! Whether emailing, texting, or calling, Ministry Tracker helps you stay connected with your church members all throughout the week.

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