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Being involved in church ministry is about much more than just showing up on Sundays; it requires life-on-life investment all throughout the week.

But focusing on ministering is difficult when you're bogged down with organizational details. Church management software should both understand your ministry needs and flex to them. It should remove stress, automate common office tasks, and connect your congregation to service. Most importantly, Ministry Tracker can help you strengthen your interactions with both visitors and members.

Let’s take a few minutes to see how Ministry Tracker empowers your church to serve those under its care.

Track People and Families

We’ll start with people, the primary focus of Ministry Tracker.

Let’s say this past Sunday, Brandon and his daughter, Ella, showed up to your church for the first time. Your church surrounded them with care and Brandon willingly passed along his contact information and asked to speak with a pastor sometime in the next few weeks.

You’ll notice that capturing basic details about Brandon and Ella is really easy. But where Ministry Tracker shines is in its ability to understand how a ministry interacts with people. You can capture important details like family connections and Ella’s medical information or record their crucial steps in their journey—like the date they first visited.

When you’re just beginning with Ministry Tracker, we can help you import any existing records to your account to get you up and running quickly.

Communicate with Visitors

Although only Brandon asked to meet with a pastor, you’ll want to make sure all of your guests feel welcome. Since your church uses the powerful attendance taking tools, you can quickly identify first-time visitors and send them a follow-up email thanking them for their visit.

For Brandon, you’ll also take a more personal approach. After looking up his number in Ministry Tracker, you give him a quick call to set up a lunch appointment. Once it’s set, create a task as a reminder for the lunch, being sure to include any appropriate notes about Brandon’s request to meet.

After you’ve had lunch, take a few moments to store any prayer requests or notes from your meeting right in Ministry Tracker, so you can remember Brandon’s needs the next time you connect.

Taking Attendance

As Brandon continues to explore Christianity, it’s crucial that he continues to attend your services. You can very quickly get a detailed understanding of who’s attending week-by-week. With a few weeks now past, you’ll see that Brandon has continued to faithfully attend. He’s even started coming to the Visitors Welcome class before the service.

Let’s see how his daughter, Ella, is enjoying her Sunday School class. It looks like she’s been attending faithfully as well and her teachers seem to think she’s really enjoying herself and starting to make some friends.

Child Check-in/Check-out

Each Sunday when parents drop their children off, the sign-in kiosk automatically prints a label and a security tag. A secure check-in system  has helped Brandon feel a lot more comfortable dropping her off; it’s one of the first things he mentioned to you when you grabbed lunch with him a few weeks back.

Organize Volunteers

Within several months, Brandon has become a Christian, joined your church, and is asking to be mentored by another believer. As Jeff meets with Brandon, he starts to leave notes describing their time together so you can track along with Brandon’s progress from a distance.

Like many new Christians, Brandon is ready to get involved. It’s not long before he starts asking about serving in different ministries as a volunteer. In the Ministry Tracker Member Portal, he’s able to quickly connect with event organizers and even publish his availability so you can ask him to participate when additional needs arise.


As you look back on Brandon’s progress, it’s exciting to see just how invested he has become. He’s even started giving regularly to several ministries connected with your church.


Ministry Tracker is all about serving people. From a visitor’s first visit, you can focus on ministering and remain confident that you will stay organized.

From powerful registration and attendance features, to personalized mass-communication, gift tracking, and much more, Ministry Tracker empowers your church to serve those under its care.

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